The data big tech companies have on you compared to Lok

Ryan D.

Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Romeo S.

Marketing Associate

January 12, 2021

Sometimes a voice in the back of your head might ask you, “How much does Google know about me?” Usually the answer is uncomfortable. Is it your fault that Google or other giant tech companies have almost all your private information? Why do they need to have your political, religious views, why do they need to know how much you earn? And why do they need to track your every single movement? If you just take a minute and think about it, this just feels like a Black Mirror episode and what’s scary is that this is all real.
These days, you download an app and the first thing you do is checking a box that says you have agreed to the privacy policy, this is about as legitimate as Louis Vuitton products sold on the side of the streets. Usually, you will not even read a line of the document and don’t have the legal background to understand what the privacy policy wants from you, this is how they trick you to own all of your data which in result benefit them. In this blog we would like to show you a comparison of privacy policy of different companies. 

You are in luck today, as we in Kubernetes LLC actually give importance to the privacy and policies of other companies, it is our duty to bring you awareness of what they have on you, and with this infographic from Security Baron we want to show you a fair comparison of our social media app Lok along side with other social media platforms and tech giants. The comparison is with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.

Security Baron was kind enough to go though and examine the privacy policies of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. In this infographic we have included our beloved product Lok, just to give you an idea on how much information we need from you to run a perfectly secure and functional social media platform. You can see that Lok only needs your name, phone number and email, no string attached! You should ask yourself, why do these companies need way too much from you?

Let’s start with Google, it is not surprising that it checks a lot of the boxes here, after all their business is mostly based on your data. So, what do they do with this data? Well I know what you are thinking, they sell our data. But no, they do not sell our data, they use your data to “make ads relevant” according to them. That is their main business model and in order to make maximum profit they need to know everything about you whether you like it or not.

As you can see in the infographic, Facebook seem to have everything on you, well how can they not? It’s mostly data you have entered yourself. Facebook knows what devices you use, what ads you click on, pollical views, religion, income level, information about your work, location and the list goes on. Security Baron pointed out that “Facebook is unusually aggressive” Not to mention that Facebook has a long history in court regarding their miss use of personal information from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. We recommend you watching “The Great Hack” and “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, these two documentaries shows you how Facebook and Google use your data in an almost unethical sense.

Microsoft and Google are the big players when it comes to data collection, as we practically live in their eco system, on the other hand Twitter, the microblogging service doesn’t collect much data from you but knows what videos you watch, time zone, email and much more.

People deliberately give away their personal information and have no idea how these big companies are playing with their mind, some of these people don’t even care as they practically live in their biome, and we want to change that, to feel the true sense of freedom. We have talked about a heavy subject this piece, the main goal from us in Kubernetes LLC is to give you awareness, privacy is what we want, and what we want to give it to you with Lok.


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