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Believe it or not, social media can actually empower your productivity. Find out how.
September 18, 2020

Ryan D.

Chief Commercial Officer

Romeo S.

Marketing Associate

Get More (and not Less) Done with Social Media

Ryan D.

Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Romeo S.

Marketing Associate

September 18, 2020

Social Media Looks like a Time Drain…

Since the advent of social media (and more recently, since the emergence of COVID-19), folks are increasingly interacting with each other online. We can see peoples’ activities at a pub, sporting event, social events or holidays. Scroll through your newsfeed and you will be able to keep up with your contacts as if you were talking to them daily. And now we can see real-time videos of their most significant activities through Facebook/Instagram Live. What does this mean in regards to productivity?

In general, social media gets a bad rap in regards to productivity. Most of us understand that social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat can be extremely tempting time drains and are not productive social media platforms. The constant flow of user-to-user based content creation means that there is always something new to consume. A new viral video, a new comment that your friend posted, a new tweet from your favorite super star, the list is endless. Social media is sucking out productivity from everyone! Or is it?

…but is it Really?

We did some digging on related survey results:

  • 27% of American workers use social media to connect with friends and family.
  • 34% use it for taking a mental break from work.
  • 24% make or support professional connections.
  • 20% use social media to get information such as news.

Also, The University of California found that social media use may actually increase productivity. While this statement may be shocking to most social media users, other surveys from reputable organizations report the same thing. Microsoft found that 46% of their workers think that social media usage improved their productivity, and 37% of their organization’s management accepts social media in their workplace as a productivity tool.

Tools: Best when Used Right

However, it’s critical to identify your specific use cases and desired focus before utilizing an app in a purposeful way. Are you trying to gain followers? Drive traffic and leads? Build relationships? The first step here is to understand who you want to involve in your network, and your use case. Once this foundation is established, you find an app that has all the tools you need to achieve your focused goals.

Un-Lok your Productivity!

Our app Lok is purpose-built to deliver on these needs. Lok provides many features that help users be more productive with some unique capabilities such as location-based reminders. We also have the most frequently used workflow elements such as task lists and events that sync with your mobile device’s calendar.

Social media is not all about wasting time or procrastination. If utilized properly, it can be a swiss army knife of technology that has a multitude of use cases. The next time someone comments on how social media is just a waste of time, you can dispel that falsehood and show them how you are being more productive with Lok!


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