About Us

Lok is proud to provide a solution for everyone's need.

We unlock truly private communications that protect the ones you love most. It's your data. Your home. Your family

We provide two values to our users:

  • Security

    Your data is your data. Period. By default, it lives fully encrypted on your devices and nowhere else. There is nothing on our platform to compromise, and nothing for you, your family, or your friends to worry about.

    Your texts, photos, videos, and even your password, are all invisible to the app platform by default.
    Data invisible to the platform (us) by default
    Opt-in data sharing to the platform
    Users get paid when they share and maintain high-quality data

  • Convenience

    As our social lives evolve, so do our social networking needs. Our platform makes it easy to manage both.

    Say goodbye to news feed clutter: Circles provide an intuitive and focused way to quickly communicate with the people you care about most.
    Say hello to productivity: task lists, calendars, and photo albums are linked among Circle members. Need Dad to pick up water at the grocery store? Create a to-do and when he drives past a grocery store, a location-based reminder will notify him to get that H20.
    Circle-based managemnet for friends, families, hobbies and merchants
    All-in-one: event, task, to-do list, calender, photo album
    Geo-based circle management

The App

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